For the 2023/24 licensure year (November 1 – October 31), the Employer will reimburse Physician Assistants and Clinical Assistants for CPSM licensure renewal fees and CPD Tracking in accordance with the following Memorandum of Agreement.

In order to be eligible for reimbursement by WRHA in 2023/2024, PCAM employees:

  1. a) must have been employed as a PA/CL.A with one of the Employer Organizations as of 2023 August 11,
  2. b) must have been actively employed as a PA/CL.A by WRHA as of 2023 October 31, and
  3. c) must submit the claim form and proof of payment.

Employees are requested to complete and submit the below expense claim, along with proof of payment, to the applicable org chief or Human Resources as listed below. A complete submission includes employee signature (top left quadrant of the form) and receipts.

Click here to download the expense form to send to the appropriate representative below.

Program/Unit(s) / Submit claim to:

  • Anesthesia / Susan Rubin
  • Family Medicine – VGH / Doris Dong
  • Mental Health and Addictions / Brayden McLennan
  • NICU / Debra Young
  • Peds/Child Health / Debra Young
  • Primary Care Downtown/Point Douglas / Deanna Betteridge
  • Primary Care Fort Garry / Teri Greenwood
  • Rehab/Geriatrics / Karen Haines
  • Renal / Mary Anne Lynch
  • Surgery / Susan Rubin
  • Women’s Health – Obs/gyn / Shalene Rochon
  • Emergency/Urgent Care / Denry Eulalia
  • Interprofessional FFS / Jay Bodner
  • Cardiac Surgery / Jennifer Fung
  • Critical Care / Jennifer Fung
  • Family Medicine – SOGH and CGH / Jennifer Fung
  • Manitoba Renal Program Administrative / Jennifer Fung
  • Medical Oncology / Jennifer Fung
  • Medicine / Jennifer Fung

Read the memo from WRHA here.

Please note that PCAM is not responsible for the operation and regulations of your licensure reimbursement. We are relaying information and processes from the WRHA put in place for our members. Please ensure that you have read the complete WRHA Memo & Memorandum of Agreement. If you still have questions, please redirect them to your employer/ HR representative.

Thank you for understanding.