PCAM Membership Contact Form

PAs and CA’s employed by an RHA below are automatically enrolled in PCAM membership upon hiring. All new members are asked to kindly submit the following application form to share their email contact information with us to receive PCAM communications.

Please submit your completed form to

Regional Health Authorities

PCAM represents Physician and Clinical Assistants employed in the following Regional Health Authorities:

Union dues are automatically deducted from your pay from each region you are employed.

Union Due Refund Policy

This policy applies to members who have paid PCAM dues greater than the current yearly amount of $1,300, often due to being employed at more than one region. According to the contract, the employer is required to deduct PCAM dues as directed in Article 4.01.

PCAM will refund members who have paid dues greater than $1,300 annually.

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Code of Ethics


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