The Board of Directors would like to call for members interested in joining the PCAM Board of Directors to apply for nomination. What does this mean? Each member who is interested in joining the board will need to be nominated by another PCAM member in writing to the PCAM board of directors no later than Friday April 19, 2024.

All interested members must submit to the PCAM board the following:

  • Have a PCAM member nominate you for candidacy in writing to the Board of Directors;
  • A letter of intent describing your interest, qualifications and experience to highlight why you wish to join the board of directors;
  • A cover letter;
  • A current resume.

All three documents must be submitted along with a nomination by a PCAM member by April 19, 2024. All applications will be reviewed by the nomination committee. All qualified applicant’s nominations will be put to a vote at the PCAM annual general meeting in May.

PCAM Board of Directors require a commitment of attendance at monthly board meetings lasting two hours. We also require participation in email communication regarding PCAM matters on a regular basis.

To be eligible as a member of the PCAM Board of Directors, a nominee must:

  • be a PCAM member in good standing;
  • be in a permanent position within the represented regional health authorities;
  • not be on probation;
  • not have any active grievances;
  • have at least two years of experience as a physician or clinical assistant;
  • be registered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Manitoba (CPSM) as a practicing physician assistant or clinical assistant.

Submissions after April 19, 2024 will not be considered by the nomination committee.  Any questions can be forwarded to the board of directors at

The 2024 AGM will be held May 14, 2024. More information will be forthcoming.

Submit your nomination to